Here is our webpage filled with pictures of some of the things we do.




Ensenada 1999

Palm Springs Page 1

Darrellís Place December 1999

Palm Springs Page 2

Palm Springs Page 4

Hawaii 2003 Vacation

Sequoia Cross-Country February 2000

The '92 Toyota Corolla is Toast -
June 2002

Oh yeah... it's a VETTE!!!

And Now the 78 Honda Chopper

Here are the Vette Rebuild Pics

Fredís Cobra Project

Fun Pics With the Corvette

Jimís 80th Birthday Party Ė February 2004

Horseless Carriage Page

Movie Test Page


Buckhorn Pages

Homecoming 2000 Pictures

 Vegas 2004

 1982 Monomoy

 New Orleans February 2005

Mississippi River Boats

 Texas Trip 2005


 California Delta Houseboat Trip November 2005

Trip to David and Sherry's Place July 2005


 Online Art Gallery


 Model Boat Building


McNish Classic Yacht Race
August 2006



 Up the Mast