We relocated down to the Aladdin Hotel for days 2, 3, and 4.  Not all that good of a place to stay.  Ironically, the tour bus driver that took us to the Hoover Dam told everybody on the bus that it was one of the few hotels that have gone bankrupt on the strip.  She said it had an access problem and it would be redesigned - NO KIDDING - you had to park in the back of the facility in a parking garage and then walk 1/2-mile (true) through a shopping mall to get to the casino/hotel.  Then you had to go in circles in the hotel to find the elevators to go up to the room.  I had heard that casino architects intentionally made things difficult or confusing to try to keep the gamblers at the tables or machines - this plan failed miserably and I hope the bankruptcy keeps any future designs much simpler.

Self Pic on the Strip

Self pic while on the Strip.

We went to the Elton John show in Caesars Palace - No pictures available as we had to check the camera before entering.  A typically excellent performance.  Lots of props on stage for this show.  Had movies showing across the back of the stage - kind of distracting although some were very good.

The Vegas Strip is overwhelming.  So much to see and do.

Paris on the Strip

Teresa and Angelee flew up on Friday night.  On Saturday morning we all went to the Shark Reef Aquarium down at the Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino.

Shark Reef

A little hard to get a decent shot as it was dark in there.