Hoover Dam

I had always wanted to see this monster of a civil engineering project.  Some jobs just do so much and mean so much in the history of mankind - Hoover Dam is one of them.  The water, electricity, and flood control it provides has allowed the southwest United States to thrive and prosper.  Who knows what kind of a backwater this area would have remained without this dam.

Hoover Dam Plaque

That is Lake Mead in the background.  The white strip around the side is about 90-feet below full.  The result of four years of drought.

The dam is so big its hard to get into a single shot.  Here are several partial shots and a link to a movie of the downstream side of the canyon.

Partial Shot of Dam

You better get a helicopter if you want a full picture of this dam.

High Side of Dam

Susanne getting blown away - windy in the canyon.

Cliff Hanger

The crews used bowsun seats to work while hanging off the edge of the canyon.

Power House

Pretty far down there - over 570-feet from top to bottom.

Now for that link to the movie I made - Click Here  (they take a long time to download - be patient).  The movie is taken from the upper floor of the parking garage for the visitors center.