I made a trip to Austin Texas in July 2005 to see my parents and brothers.  Some would ask why would you go to Texas in the dead of summer?  That's just the way my schedule worked out and it was not too hot although air condition was welcomed relief during the hot afternoons.

Had a great time.

The picture below was taken with Mom at Merrills rent house.  The house is still under construction at that time.

Me and Mom at Merrills rent house

The picture below is with my Dad.

Pic with Dad at Merrills Rent House

Howard purchased a small ranch near Luling.  The picture below shows some of the "extras" that came with the land.  I'm sure he will figure out how to clear the land.

Howard at his Luling Property

We went on a short drive through the area and we found this old bridge.  Still open but man, it was getting very old and worn.

Howard's Truck at an old Bridge

Mom hosted a party to celebrate my visit.  I wish I could remember the names of the guests.

Mom's Friends at her party

Another pic from the party.

More of Mom's Friends at Party

Here we are again.  The guy on the right has hard luck.  Wrecked his truck shortly after I left and then was bit by a rattle snake at the end of the summer.  Very bad situation.

Mom's Friends