These pictures are from a cross-country ski trip to Sequoia National Park in February 2000

We stayed at the Wuksachi Lodge in the Giant Forest area of the park... very nice as you can see from some outside shots of the lodge.


This is the Wuksachi Lodge... Very nice.  The restaurant is on the back side of the lodge and serves very good food.  As you can see, the snow was about three feet deep... Yup, it is winter in Sequoia!



This is the set of rooms we stayed in... Hey, this picture is from the parking lot.  I wonder why they didn't make underground parking?




This is the path from the room to the lodge... great snow!!!




This is the view from the parking lot... Impressive!





Finally something interesting... This is the base of the "largest tree in the world" by volume or something like that... It is a VERY impressive tree and briefly strikes awe in anyone standing next to it.



Susanne finally gets into the picture... I really need a MUCH better digital camera!