McNish Classic Yacht Race Adventure

Day Four

We had time for another dingy ride in the morning.  We went closer to shore and into the caverns.

A new face...  This is Len.  Len is the owner of Horizons West Adventures and our host for the trip.

We made it back to the Dirigo II and set sail for Channel Islands Harbor.

The trip across the channel was great and allowed us to practice tacking the boat as well as more relaxation.

Hard to beat fair weather sailing.

After a few hours sail we began to approach the harbor.

The Channel Islands Harbor is located in the City of Oxnard.  The harbor is big with dozens of marinas and thousands of boats.  We pulled up to the guest dock at the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club.  The yacht club web page is here...

The guest dock had to accommodate perhaps 20 extra boats so we rafted side by side.

Every boat was spit-polished for race day.

The yacht club had great facilities.

The view from the yacht club deck was perfect.

Captain was so excited she fired off the ships cannon!


Just had to take a picture of this...  the irony of a decades old wood sailing yacht with all the modern conveniences...  satellite television.

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