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The Pasadena City College Party Crew went to Ensenada for a great weekend party!

For those of you that don't know...
Ensenada is a small town on the Pacific ocean in Baja California Del Norte.  We traveled south from Pasadena through San Diego and Tijuana to get there.  We traveled the toll road because it follows the beach and we planned on having lobster lunch at Puerto Nuevo.

The coast road was as beautiful as any I've seen and we stopped for a picture.  The ladies posed for this pic which makes you wonder... Which is better... the scenery or the ladies (the ladies)!  From left to right are Suzanne, Brenda, Lori, and Susanne!







We found a great parking spot at Puerto Nuevo.  We took this pic before we jumped out of the van and had lunch.  That's me on the left and you can barely see Tom in the back seat behind Susanne. 
Puerto Nuevo is a small village on the beach with several lobster restaurants.  We chose a place with a view of the street and the surf and had outstanding lobster for lunch!  We had several pitchers of margaritas (which were good and CHEAP).

We were eager to continue our party trip so we climbed back in the van to go to