Spent a little time with David and Sherry Jackson on my July 2005 Texas Trip.  I could devote a hundred web pages to the good times that the Jackson and Nelson family's have had and maybe someday those pages will get done.  For now, I can only report on one crazy night in Mexico that goes like this...

Drinking and driving - yup.  We can do that.


The streets of Mexico.  I will update the page with the name of this town when I remember (!)  Actually, David and I had been in this same spot about 18-years ago when a bandito came up to us and asked "Want to take a chance?".  David is pretty smart so he advised that we take a pass on taking a chance!  He says he does not remember it, but it really happened.

Want to take a chance?

We had a wonderful dinner and several more drinks.  By this time we are beginning to see double.

What a night

Oh Man, now we are beginning to see blurred...

Crazy times in Mexico

Freeky man.  I'm not sure what was happening here but I can report that David did return after a few minutes in the alley.

Ever see the movie Dusk to Dawn?

Yeah, David survived his trip to the alley, just like he will keep on surviving and succeding at everything he does.  I just cant tell you how special it was to visit.  Can the Jacksons make it out to California for a visit???  I bet they can!!!

The David Jackson is one Great Guy