I recently acquired a '78 Honda Chopper

This bike will be a work in progress for several months and perhaps even a few years.  It's a 750Four which I consider one of the most profound vehicles ever produced.  It convinced Americans that "Hondas" were well built and ran great with few problems... shortly thereafter Honda introduced it's automobile line to the
United States and the rest is history.






The next shot is basically the same but it shows the rolling work cart that holds everything else for the bike...  Not to much to these kind of motorcycles.  The engine is still in the van at the time this picture was taken - It will reside on the top of the cart until installation.

Currently I plan to put it back together with as many new parts as necessary to make the systems first rate - new cables, grips, pegs, controls, etc.  Then test to make sure it runs the way I want it to.  Then disassemble for a trip to the paint and chrome shop.

That coffin tank is popular with a lot of people but I may try to swap for a sportster tank.

Right now I'm planning on metallic burnt orange paint- something like the late model Ford Rangers you see running around.

Still thinking about the seat and I am leaning toward a tractor seat with small back rest.  May not have a passenger seat (Susanne wants to ride so we will have a second seat!).














Time to make some decisions set the tank high on the frame.... or set the tank down low.







Now for the fender...  set it long at the back... or, a little higher on the back...  or Way up high on the back.  I do know this, what ever the length of the fender, I will match the angle of the sissy bar to the angle of the rear frame member.