Springer Update Page

September 6, 2003




Ok guys from Hondachopper.com...  this is what I'm talking about in the post.  Those bolts look like they need washers on the inside of the forks and those are single washers and lockwasher on the outside.  It seems to me the cap-nuts are not correct or the bolts are too long.  Also, you can see that I do not have spacers between the wheel and the lever arm.  Perhaps the lever arm is upside down and on the wrong side of the fork?????  Can anybody take a picture of their setup so I can see it I am missing any parts.




Here is a pic of the stock caliper that I got with the basket case.  Apparently the previous owner purchased the bike with extended forks in place then purchased the springer (from one of our own chopperheadz?) to install as part of the rebuild.  I want to use the caliper and a disc on the springer and thats what this post is all about.

What would I have to modify on the stock caliper to fit the springer or should I just start with a completly differently caliper to make it work???