California Houseboat Trip Page Three

We cruised around and down to the south along various rivers and sloughs.  The constant was the levee.  The levees in this delta are about 10-feet higher than the water at high tide.  On the back side, the farm land is about twenty feet below the top of the levee.  The levees are about 20-feet wide with a roadway at the top.  the base of the levee must be 100-feet wide.

A word about the tides...  We were warned that the entire delta is under the influence of Pacific Ocean tides.  True - each day we were subjected to two high and two low tides.  This creates several issues.  First, the influx of the tide creates current where you would not expect current.  The current in turn affects the speed of the boat as well as pulling it when at anchor.  I was surprised that the tide would have in influence this far inland but it required that you be constantly aware whether it was rising or falling and how it would affect the boat.

Big Delta Waterway

As we cruised we saw more ferrys.  The ferry in the picture below ran from Bethel Island to Webb Tract Island.

Ferry near Franks Tract

There are several anchorages in the delta.  They all looked similar to this one in Fishermans Cut.  Old boats, big and small, tied up to the bank awaiting their ultimate fate.

Anchorage on Delta

Some had already sank or were on the verge of sinking.

Sinking Boats on Delta

We passed several homes on the levees.  In some places, like Bethel Island, the houses were fully developed wth homes along the entire waterway.  Other regions had a home here and there.  Many looked like vacation homes or hunting/fishing lodges.  Some had seen better days like the one in the picture below.

Abandoned Delta Home

On this third day of cruising the Rascal had about had enough.  The wakes from other boats pitched the 35-foot houseboat back and forth and every time Rascal got a little more nervous.

Rascal on board Houseboat

In spite of the wakes, we tried to keep him happy and he did his best.

Just Messing Around with the Rascal

Susanne and I were loving it.  We did not have a problem with the small boat and were able to keep our spirits up.

Self Picture on board

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