The big snow that fell the previous week was complimented by even more this week – INCREDIBLE – some say this was the best skiing conditions in 20-years.


The host and co-host did a great job of running the lodge and hill.  Ski Patrol kept everybody safe.


Here are some pics and a few movies (dial-up connections beware) of what was happening up on the hill!



Here is a picture of a snowboarder coming up the rope tow.





And the skiers followed to get to the top of the hill



Everybody getting ready to ski (for those of you that don’t know – there is no bar/restaurant at the top of the hill at Buckhorn).



When we got around the corner we found where the snowboarders were hanging out – they were making a ramp for jump.



Here are some movies of their jumps:


Big Jump - No Crash


Aerial Jump


360 with Crash


And a little boarding down the hill


Yes, we had a great day up on the hill.




And it was all smiles at the end of the day