We had a good winter storm beginning on Thursday February 20 which put down 18 by Sunday. Man, it was great. Still snowing on Sunday and what a big-time snow it was (ok so cal snows are small compared to real snows!)



I took a few pictures and here they are.



Here is the Lodge



This is the entry way from Highway 2. About 100-yards of trudging through the snow.



This is the Bunny Shack it houses the generators and bunny-slope rope tow motor.




This is Terry Sorem and his sons. They skied while Terry operated the lift and served as Ski Patrol for the afternoon. Check out that snow!





Terry and I feel about the same about snow!!!!!





Terry had to do a little digging to clear out the back door to the lodge.




Even the out-house makes a good picture at the Buckhorn!




Reality check the plow piles it up and you have to dig it out before you can drive away!