Prince Rupert

Going to Prince Rupert also means we are headed home - southbound that it...

By the time we made Prince Rupert we were getting practiced at the skill of disembarking.  In fact - we were moving like sheep down the stairways.

Prince Rupert was all about living and working - not about cruise ships.  In the other ports we felt like we belonged to the community but not Prince Rupert.  When you walk off the docks in Rupert - there is the fire station, the Safeway grocery store, a great park  for the kids, and thats it.  Plenty for the citizens of Rupert but noting for the cruiser.

Later we were told about the Jones Act.  Something about ships that are not registered in the United States - must call on a foreign port while out on a cruise.  In this case - the Nassau registered Sun had to stop in another nation - Canada.  The cruise ships on the Inside Passage basically have three choices.  Victoria on Vancouver Island, Vancouver on the coast, and Prince Rupert.  I guess the cruise planner picks the best one that matches the daytime arrival and overnight passage to the next port.  It was Prince Rupert for us.

  The waterfront below is all business.

Found the fire station.

Found the local museum with all her flags a flyin'.

Found the memorial steam roller.

Found the fishing fleet coming home for dinner.

I also found this great model of a purse seiner.

We also found this quaint Bed and Breakfast.  By the way - see that phone booth...  it had a line of crew show up shortly after the picture was taken all wanting to call home.

Our stay in Prince Rupert did not last too long.

On to Seattle and back to LA