This is our "new" 1976  Corvette!!!

This Corvette has had five owners here in Southern California... The paint is very good and the motor is really clean!
This car is a joy to drive... when you mash the pedal and the car blows through an intersection... The low-slung seating makes taking a curve so easy... the sound of the mufflers is to die for!




Update:  We mounted raised white letter Firestone tires in February 2000.  Any regrets... YES - check the rebuild page - these tires are not speed rated!








Update:  We replaced the urethane bumper with a fiberglass replacement in February 2000!








Update:  Major interior renovation in summer of 2000...  New door panels, carpet, repainted panels, heat absorbing subflooring, instrument repair... too much to list!

Very impressive results.






Summer of 2000 Interior Remodel included new leather seat covers to replace the originals seen here in the pic...New foam and rehabing the seat springs made a big difference in the ride.







Replacement mufflers in February 2000.






This is the original engine after 25 years of service.  Very worn out... Still had compression and still ran enough to get a taste of what could be...  Really is amazing that these engines can last so long (!).  Went for a big time rebuild in the winter of 2001... Very impressive results... check the link to the rebuild page.



Unfortunately, there is a specific reason we have a Corvette right now...  Because our excellent '84 Camaro was totaled by an idiot that ran a red light and hit the car with Susanne, Angelee, and Jenny Sands inside at a local intersection.  The Camaro was a great sports car.  Loved it.  The perfect size with great handling and just plain fun to drive. The insurance company for the other driver declared it totaled and I choose not to fight to get the vehicle repaired.  The car was a victim of its age... "only" $4000 worth of damage but the vehicle was only worth $2500 after 15-years of service.  The Corvette has proven to be a suitable replacement for the Camaro but I'll say this... You can never really replace a good car!



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