We moved the boat from King Harbor to San Pedro on December 30, 2004.  We had great weather in SoCal for months until this week.  It was very stormy with six inches of rain over several days.  I had planned to move the boat during this week but the weather really threw us for a loop.

The buoy net reported waves 7, 8, and 9 feet high on 4-second intervals.  Not doable for me.  Finally, Thursday looked like the weather would let up for a while and we had our chance to make the trip.

Before we move on - a word about King Harbor.  It is nice.  Great facilities, sandy bottom, clean clear water, good parking, in a great part of town.  So why move?  King Harbor is located on Santa Monica Bay.  When you pull out past the breakwater - thats it.  Just you and the ocean.  Great for sailors - kinda boring for power boaters.  Also - it is not freeway close.  So we say farewell to King Harbor, home to the Monomoy for the last two years.

Trip Route

The line tries to show that we moved the boat to a little marina inside the LA Harbor called Fish Harbor.

The first pic is of me at the helm shortly after leaving King Harbor.

At the helm

Rascal the dog came along on this trip.  I think he was looking at sea lions when this picture was taken.

Rascal on board

Co captain Susanne came along too.

Co Captain

Our route took us around the Palos Verdes penensula.  The tip of the pensulla has a light house.


I mentioned that the weather was real iffy this week.  We had a few showers on the trip with sun mixed in.  We saw this rainbow along the south side of Palos Verde.


Santa Catalina, visible as the "pair" of islands in the distance, was getting blasted by rain all during our cruise.

Santa Catalina

Still, the weather held pretty well for us.  We traveled for several hours under cloudy skies with a few sprinkles mixed in.

Weather holding

I had guessed that the trip would be about 15 miles.  Turned out it was a little farther - 19-nautical miles.  We had not had a chance to measure the speed of this boat until this trip - turns out that it is really slow.  A moving average of 4.2 knots.  Thats walking speed folks.  The waves, current, and generally rough water slowed us to only 3 knots for one leg of the trip.  Moving at 5 knots in smooth water did not make up for slogging along in the chop.  Moving  that slow made for one long trip.  So why was there "stopped time" on the GPS???  We stopped the boat every thirty minutes to check cooling water, oil pressure, look for any leaks, and top off the day-tank with fuel.

GPS data

All in all a pretty good run.  LA Harbor (San Pedro) is a huge industrial harbor with thousands of interesting things to see.  Also, the City of Long Beach with its high rise skyline fronts on the harbor also.  I think moving the boat down to San Pedro will prove to be a good choice.